Retail trade is not dead. It is undergoing a transformation.

We have already witnessed some changes which the retail trade has gone through. The last enormous transformation in this segment was caused by a big boom in the advertisement industry in the 70. Nowadays we can observe a total change in the meaning of retail trade. Until now the word SHOP meant a place where we used to buy products. Now it is a state in which we experience a brand. In the latest Research Deloitte confirms that consumption of the experiences is more important than consumption of products.

Square One YP Books Bookstore (Incheon – South Korea) found itself in new reality. The professional arrangement of the interior was supposed to make the clients feel well inside thanks to sensual stimulation. The complex project of the commercial surface means creating a cosy and intimate place which is modern and multi-faceted. The exposition spaces enable easy access to the product and provide a comfortable space to become familiar with it. Trendy commercial stalls are located in visible places and aim at drawing attention to particular products.

As far as bookstores are concerned – have a look at Zhongshuge bookstore in China. The inspiration for arranging the floor and ceiling were bamboo shoots – as a result one gets a perfect place to get lost in a book.

Another well visible tendency in commercial floor space design of 2018 is the motive of lush vegetation. The guiding principle of the concept is the instinctive need of the man to stay in touch with the natural environment. Natural colours of the woods are used in the shop equipment. The arrangement of the shopping space moves the client to a green paradise, far away from the city life.

My Feet company in its point of sale in Jakarta made use of the latest trend and emphasized the brand policy which is foot care. The concept of arranging the venue interior was to create illusory pleasure of walking bare-foot in the nature – and it was a great success. The arrangement of the shop interior was based on the idea of using the whole walls to present the natural environment. One of the walls was covered with lush vegetation in the lush green colour. The second one was joined with the ceiling with a wooden, open-work construction.

Beauty parlour Self +, located in one of the most artistic districts of Rio de Janeiro, used floral motives to create a cosy space. The complete project of the shop was based on the concept of often changing interior of the venue. The aim was achieved thanks to a system of simple, modular shop furniture. Numerous flowers in colourful pots made it look like a blissful oasis of peace and relax.

In its concept of visual merchandising Lumberjack, a well-established company, present on the market for the last 73 years, joined the two essential elements of retail trade – man and product. The project of the interior of their points of sale was based on the idea of mutual evolution of the natural environment and technology.