Cosmetics is a category of products which is needed by all age groups, available in each sales channel and price range, but what is characteristic of it is the impulsiveness of shopping. If the cosmetic products are invisible for the client, the sales results are really weak. But if they are properly displayed, the sales result are even 20-30% better.

The art of promotion

Visible display is not only a game of aromatic and visual incentives, proper lighting or well-chosen music at the shop. It is most of all attractive product presentation in the cosmetic closets on the shelves. The product presented according to the rules of merchandising and thorough analysis of the psychology of sales and consumer behaviour will make the brand recognizable. It will make it easier for the consumers to choose the brand when shopping and make it recognizable in its category. To make a long story short, all of the above mentioned decisions will influence the potential consumer. They will make him interested and intrigued, make him buy and… come back.

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The consumer’s experience

According to the research run by POPAI The Global Association for Marketing-at-Retail ca. 70% of shopping decisions are made onsite. When walking between the shopping shelves the consumer notices up to 300 SKU in only 5 seconds. It means that in a shop a certain brand must be more visible than the other brands to catch one’s attention. The brands which are more likely to be chosen are the ones that provoke an emotional response and not the ones that are varied or particularly innovative. The complicated nature of the buyers made the marketers and merchandisers spend a lot of time on working out the standards of product exposition in a shop that are able to increase the sales results.

Especially as far as the colourful cosmetics are concerned the client buys with their eyes. And that is why presenting the brand’s offer on a free-standing cosmetics exposition and presenting the most attractive products at eye level influence the sales choices. It is called a well thought navigation. Another important factor is the possibility of touching the product and testing it. Other things that matter are order and symmetry as well as grouping the products: lipsticks, lip glosses, face powders and brushes. You can also think about line exposition. Next to the foundation you can place make-up base or face powder – this is how you can increase the transaction value.

Merchandising zwiększ sprzedaż kosmetyków

How to shoot oneself in the foot?

One of the most common mistakes made by the marketers when creating the concept of product exposition on the display level is the lack of a guiding principle – incorrect arrangement of the products, unclear exposition, too many products or quite the contrary – the shortage of products. In such a case the consumer buys an alternative product rather than looks for the same brand in a different shop.

The consumer of the future

The report prepared by Comarch and Kantar TNS shows where we are going to buy cosmetics in 12 years. According to the results Poles are a nation that will more likely look for them online. Online shopping will be chosen by 37% of them – 20% of which will shop only online and for 17% the internet will be the main shopping channel. However, 61% of the consumers will tend to buy at traditional shops.

If you are aware of the changing trends, even before starting to work on the design of the cosmetics built-in closets, look for an up-to-date analysis – how do the clients look at the products in traditional points of sale, which of the product arrangements are attractive for them, which are they willing to buy? This kind of service is offered by companies which design exposition furniture. It is worth remembering, because you can still fight for 61% of the clients.