Standard rules of Merchandising or the multimedia space of the future?

This is the basic question that is aware of a company like ours – BOXINTERIOR, when arranging the stores. Designing commercial premises for a large field to show off. You should, however, have an industry order, for whatever we carry out the order. Grocery store and other multimedia salon will manage completely different rights. Always, if the first one tries to use a store equipment designer, then its layout forced logical division into many departments. And thus, a typical division: what is in front of the eyes, what is within reach and so. bottom shelves. Although the food market is also slowly entering new technologies – supermarket chains offer a number of applications that facilitate, accelerate shopping and reduce their cost. But about this in other food ????

It is easy to guess that the mine of ideas in the area of ​​interior surface design are industries such as: beauty, fashion, music or design in the broad sense. There rules the creative principle of ingenuity – “sky is the limit”! Fashion, which we have already mentioned on the occasion of materials on the comprehensive arrangement of shop windows, create as you can plan the interior of the point of sale. Creative concepts are huge – from multi-storey fashion houses, designed with splendor, through purist interiors to salons and hands of the boudoir concept. Such a version is e.g. a chain of lingerie boutiques, which has kept the style of the interior in the theatrical and cabaret theme, taking into account the sense of intimacy, but also sophistication and glitz.

The presented music industry showed how to create an empirical store concept. The contractors designed listening rooms in the store, available spaces representing houses from their offer, unique perspectives, unique prints and accessories. Store arrangement idea analyze the ideas of living in a really comfortable and inspiring action.

The theme of arrangement can not omit salons with interior design. One of the companies in its flagship NYC showroom, accepted as its mission, is a supplier of customers who meet the highest design standards in accordance with trade restrictions. Each item in the store has been approved by the curators of the Museum of Modern Art and its originality is emphasized specially matched to the light and elegant store furniture. Research on customer movement in the store, customized sound was also used, and tablets were also used to meet buyers’ expectations.