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We are a group of professionals that work in the segment of designing buildings and commercial and individual venue interiors.


We build the brand presence in sales points and the presentation of products and complex adaptation of the interiors of commercial venues. We design and produce furniture, built-in closets, showrooms as well as commercial stalls.

We specialize in functional arranging of the space to create friendly and comfortable environment for the client. We prepare the analysis of the target group of the particular brand and investigate the market to which it belongs.

We arrange the interiors of shops and commercial venues in a complex way – starting from creating the concept, through visualization and ending with the execution stage.

We are experts in looking for solutions perfect for the most demanding clients of the beauty industry!

We design and produce furniture, cosmetic exposition stalls, sales support materials such as advertisement displays, shop expositors, stands and other POS materials.

Thanks to our professional team of designers and producers we ensure complex support of every marketing campaign. Our products are characteristic of unique design and the highest quality of the finishing works.

We want the materials produced by us to bring the expected benefits to our clients thanks to making use of a proper marketing message.

The BOXHOME buildings and constructions are modern, durable, energy-saving or passive prefabrication facilities which are perfect for free-standing shops – both permanent and temporal ones (e.g. pop ups). Thanks to the fact that the investments are executed for only a short time the client can save time and financial resources – the level of engagement being minimal.

The time of execution is up to 70% shorter than in the case of traditional construction works.

Possibility of simple, non-invasive expansion.

High energy efficiency of the buildings – low maintenance costs.

Quality and durability – often higher than in the case of traditional buildings

TSM Solutions is a company which specializes in logistics, warehousing and assembly of sales support materials, nonstandard elements of interior fittings and POS materials.

We work on the whole territory of Poland. You can find our professional and competent teams in each of the voivodships – that is why we are able to work precisely, on time and keep the highest standards when executing the most demanding projects.